Diwah – review

Diwah just has to be the most exciting jewelry website of the moment, I was asked to review this service for my readers and have a necklace created for me so with DIWAH you can design unique, semi-precious fashion jewelry using their online jewelry designer, incorporating luxe elements and an array of stylish, hand cut components. They also create original statement pieces that stand out and can be customized to showcase your personality, for a beautifully individual look.

You can also shop and select some pre existing designs that are based on the latest trends, each necklace can be bought as it is or edited to suit you and your style. With the editor you have control over your finished piece. If you start editing from scratch you can pick the template for your piece such as a collar or a matinee crescent then move on to the beads and added pieces! There is also a design service for you to design a bracelet on diwah. If you cant settle on a design for yourself you can have the design team make you a piece after filling the design service form! This is what I opted for, So I had my necklace made by the team. Scroll down to see the results!


diwah design


In the design there is my favourite colours that diwah used (blue and yellow) which they asked in the form. The collar shape template fits perfect and the chain doesn’t feel heavy. I would recommend this service to all my readers. Diwah are a fab company and their products are top quality. This would make a great gift I have no doubt a lot of people will be receiving diwah necklace’s this year. The website itself is so easy to navigate and really fun to use. Highly recommended.

Thank you DIWAH xx


Primark strobe crayons review

Picked up some primark stuff last week while on a shopping trip, thought I’d put up a review of the strobe crayons as strobing is very popular with girls at the moment. To be honest I really thought they would work ! The packet and the color of the crayons looked okay and I needed a new highlighter product for my cheeks.

IMG_20170205_154540_063.jpgTurns out I was wrong about them being okayish! The color from the crayons are great when you first apply them to your skin to test it out but when you try to apply makeup with it and blend it in. The effect of the highlight totally disappears. The white crayon leaves behind so much glitter! And I didn’t want a glitter crayon lol 🙁 Giving negative reviews is something I hate to do but on a positive note they make great eye shadow crayons!

These crayons just don’t cut it for strobing properly best to get something more powerful.



Elvive extraordinary oil serum -review

The extraordinary oil range was one I wanted to try out after my hair was damaged from hairdye. Other products didn’t work and I searched beauty blogs and found rave reviews about the extraordinary oil range. It was so attractively marketed, the idea of natrual flower oils was impressive. So I bought the shampoo, conditioner and the oil serum.


They certainly all did what they say on the packaging, my hair was silky, smooth and soft. My hair was better than ever. Then something bad happened, I’m allergic to an oil contained in the ingredients and my hair itched off me so bad!😔🙁😢 Such a shame as the results were amazing. To anyone who is not allergic to anything in this product is would recommend it highly. Always check the label 😁

I still manage to use the serum by applying a small amount to my ends when hair is damp. It’s pretty straightforward to use. I’d like the explore Elvives other serums in the future ☺

Stay tuned on my blog as I will be posting about day hair serums in future xx

L’occitane rose box review

L’occitane luxury rose gift box review 💯😍😘

Received this lovely rose box for Christmas 2016. The box contains four products, hand cream, extant gentle soap,silky shower gel and Eu de toilette.

Rose perfume

I must say this perfume is stunning 💯 the fragrance is not too powerful and not too weak. The bottle is really large and you could get about a years use from this fragrance. The soap fragrance is the same but the hand-cream is a bit weak. The shower gel fragrance is lovely and the gel easy to apply. I had a cherry box last year and still have the perfume.

I did a little research online and found a few worrying posts on l’occitane about them containing potentially harmful ingredients which is strange because I always thought l’occitane was high quality and prided themselves with mostly natural brilliant products. Please comment below with your opinion.

Volume colourist mascara review


Rimmel london volume colorist is a mascara with a twist it has a Lash tint complex which is fab. Who wants to go to the salon for a Lash tint when you can just have it it your mascara? I really loved the idea of that and had to get this exciting mascara from superdrug. It’s been a while I have had it and it works very well. You do see your eyelashes darker days after using it. So it definitely tints your lashes. It doesn’t feel clumpy or itchy. Overall it’s a pretty sweet product and I can’t wait to see more from Rimmel in the future.


Lash sensational mascara review


Lash sensational mascara by maybelline has been out for a while now but I really thought it deserved a spot on my lifestyle blog. This product works, like 10o percent. You will look like your wearing false lashes which is any girls makeup dream right? But there’s a catch. Personally for me I can’t use this often because the product is so strong it itches my eyes a little. The effect is wonderful right enough but the itch and also taking it off can be tricky. It smells really strong in the bottle too. I’m not sure what chemicals are in this product but just be careful applying this. Overall it is an effective mascara.

Pure clay detox mask by loreal paris

Was after this clay mask for weeks after I saw it advertised. I guess the idea of clay was attractive as I’d heard of it being good for skin and other things etc.

Detox mask loreal paris makeup skincare

Picked it up in superdrug for under a tenner, yay 😁✔💯 So straightaway I really wanted to know if it smelled weird lol and guess what it didn’t! I was also under the impression that it would be a peel off mask as all the masks used in the past have been. You can easily remove it once done with a warm face cloth although it does dry in hard and you can feel it tighten up. This mask also contains charcoal which I have heard can Brighten your skin. ( please note i will be exploring natural skin brightening on my blog in the future so please subscribe if this is something your interested in ) Overall I found that this product gave me the results that it claims to, my skin did feel fresh and look cleansed. Also the mask didn’t irritate in any way. Will probably use this mask about once a month and I would recommend it to my readers.