The ridiculous coca cola hair rinse craze and a trichologists expert advice


The coca cola hair rinse craze is ridiculous, if you want beach hair just use hair products and nowadays you can get caffeine shampoo! I`m not sure how this coca cola thing got started but I guess its best just to drink and use as a cleaning product. A you tuber remarked on one of these videos saying that they thought this was bad as coca cola can remove stains and is acidic so imagine what damage it can do to your hair.

Fail or holy grail, FAIL!

Glenn Lyons, ( HAIR EXPERT ) Trichologist:

The ingredients in Coca-Cola make it more acidic in its solution. The acidity within the liquid has the potential to swell the hair and the high sugar content will leave it quite sticky, this combination can potentially help to give the hair more volume and give the illusion of more body, much like beer does, or any soft drink. But, and this point is most important, so there are absolutely no cleansing benefits for the scalp and hair whatsoever. It really isn’t healthy for the scalp at all.

Its time to get lippy in the comment section, Have you tried the coca cola rinse if so what happened ?


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