Pure clay detox mask by loreal paris

Was after this clay mask for weeks after I saw it advertised. I guess the idea of clay was attractive as I’d heard of it being good for skin and other things etc.

Detox mask loreal paris makeup skincare

Picked it up in superdrug for under a tenner, yay πŸ˜βœ”πŸ’― So straightaway I really wanted to know if it smelled weird lol and guess what it didn’t! I was also under the impression that it would be a peel off mask as all the masks used in the past have been. You can easily remove it once done with a warm face cloth although it does dry in hard and you can feel it tighten up. This mask also contains charcoal which I have heard can Brighten your skin. ( please note i will be exploring natural skin brightening on my blog in the future so please subscribe if this is something your interested in ) Overall I found that this product gave me the results that it claims to, my skin did feel fresh and look cleansed. Also the mask didn’t irritate in any way. Will probably use this mask about once a month and I would recommend it to my readers.


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