Elvive extraordinary oil serum -review


The extraordinary oil range was one I wanted to try out after my hair was damaged from hairdye. Other products didn’t work and I searched beauty blogs and found rave reviews about the extraordinary oil range. It was so attractively marketed, the idea of natrual flower oils was impressive. So I bought the shampoo, conditioner and the oil serum.


They certainly all did what they say on the packaging, my hair was silky, smooth and soft. My hair was better than ever. Then something bad happened, I’m allergic to an oil contained in the ingredients and my hair itched off me so bad!πŸ˜”πŸ™πŸ˜’ Such a shame as the results were amazing. To anyone who is not allergic to anything in this product is would recommend it highly. Always check the label 😁

I still manage to use the serum by applying a small amount to my ends when hair is damp. It’s pretty straightforward to use. I’d like the explore Elvives other serums in the future ☺

Stay tuned on my blog as I will be posting about day hair serums in future xx


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