Primark strobe crayons review


Picked up some primark stuff last week while on a shopping trip, thought I’d put up a review of the strobe crayons as strobing is very popular with girls at the moment. To be honest I really thought they would work ! The packet and the color of the crayons looked okay and I needed a new highlighter product for my cheeks.

IMG_20170205_154540_063.jpgTurns out I was wrong about them being okayish! The color from the crayons are great when you first apply them to your skin to test it out but when you try to apply makeup with it and blend it in. The effect of the highlight totally disappears. The white crayon leaves behind so much glitter! And I didn’t want a glitter crayon lol 🙁 Giving negative reviews is something I hate to do but on a positive note they make great eye shadow crayons!

These crayons just don’t cut it for strobing properly best to get something more powerful.




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