English handmade candle review

Glitzwood was offered a lovely candle in return for an honest review from candlesjust4you.co.uk

The candles are produced in the stunning south downs national park, the suppliers also make candles for well known stores!


Themes of candles available are sandalwood and cedar, lily of the valley and citrus fusion amonst others. You can also personalise your candle for occasions such as birthdays, weddings etc!

I am reviewing the lemongrass and verbena candle, and I must say I was surprised and delighted at the fragrance from this candle when it first arrived.

To be honest I cant make out the verbena fragrance much at all, but that`s because the lemongrass fragrance overpowers it. Lemongrass is one of myΒ favoriteΒ fragrances in the world so not complaining. I felt this was a high quality product and would recommendΒ anyone who loves candles to use the candlesjust4you.co.uk website!



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