L’Occitane terre de lumiere gift box review πŸ’‹πŸ˜―

photojoiner_image (1).jpg

This cute little L’Occitane gift box is just so luxurious. It contains body milk, bath milk, hand and feet cream along with a perfume πŸ’‹

First off id like to tell you guys anout my favourite product from the box the bain lactescent (bath milk) This was a wonderful experience in the bath, so relaxing which I think is down to the fact it contains a lot of lavendar ! πŸ˜ƒ

photovisi-download (2)

In the picture above you can see the bath water looks all misty like milk, thats the effect the product has once you mix it in. The product also contains honey (which has many health benefits by eating) have never in my life added honey to a bath 😝 so I was like wtf ?

It gave me an idea to experiment more with honey so watch out for more honey included product reviews 😜

The bath was so luxurious and relaxing, I wasnt sleepy but relaxed enough just not to think a lot about stuff. I just thought “this is so nice”

Moving on to the body milk, it was very much like milk when I applied it to my arms. The fragrance was lovely because the honey and lavander just compliment each other beautifully !

Next the hand cream, latley I have had dry hands and as soon as I applied this it just soaked right up I was expecting my hands to be really oily after and annoying as that has been my experience with hand creams in the past. I really like this product and would use it time and time again 😜 also I will apply it to my feet to make them soft πŸ˜‚

Lastly the perfume, again the fragrance is the same as the body lotions. On the L’Occitane website it says this product contains almond ? But doesnt say on the back of the packet ? So im a bit dissapointed with L’Occitane about that.

Overall I enjoyed using these beautifull products πŸ’‹ especially the bath milk 😍😁

Leave a comment about what you think of the terre de lumiere range belowΒ  xx


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