Opal moon – A Lightworkers paradise 🌌💎⚘

Opal moon is by far one of the most magical and interesting shops in Glasgow, witches, wizards and Lightworkers come here for supplies (yes they do exist )


I went along to get some lemongrass oil today and decided to take some pictures to share with my followers, opal moon is one of my favourite shops to get figurines out off, such as dragons and fairies. The vibe is so magical in there you really believe that fairies are hiding inside there ready to pounce on you.


Opal moon has a massive selection of candles and incense sticks that you smell as soon as you get in the door, today I saw some sage wrapped in bundles in a bowl.Β The Native American tribes were known to useΒ sageΒ for multiple purposes such as healing, clearing space and ceremonies. ManyΒ benefitsΒ can be gained in utilizingΒ sageΒ forΒ smudging. If you’re not familiar withΒ smudging, it’s Native American ritual that’s like a “spiritual house cleaning” or spiritual purification.


The fairies are absolutely enchanting in the display cases, there are many different sizes and types. Theres also dragons and many other magical creature figurines.


At the entrance to the shop there is a card display with cards for any occasion with lovely enchanting artwork. Fairies and elves, witches and cats etc. I will definitely be getting some cards to complete my collage wall at home in my bedroom ❀


Opal moon has a huge selection of jewellery featuring buddhas, pentagrams, crystals, sacred geometry etc.



For crystal/gemstone lovers out there you have a lot of stones here in different cuts and sizes. You can buy pretty large pieces of amethyst in here! I once bought a small crystal chakra balancing wand a few years back and i could feel the energy from it as soon as i picked it up. Im still not 100 percent a believer in crystal healing but i believe they must have energy inside them somehow and I have enjoyed using them during meditations over the years.





You can find angel mists, tarotcards, essential oils, books on magick and a whole load of so many magical fantastic trinkets. I hope you enjoyed seeing inside opal moon I just wanted to share this wee gem of a shop woth you all xx