Harry Potter shop in Glasgow – Review 💋😜👑

If you have ever visited the lanes down in glasgow’s west end you would be surprised to find it very much like diagon alley in the harry potter books. Lovely old fashioned buildings converted into bars, restaurants, trinket shops and more. Its no wonder cresswell lane was the perfectΒ  fit for “clause 73″ which opened at the start of the year. I went down with a friend for a visit, we actually walked by it twice as the outside is painted black and the name has changed to ” the root of magic” I have no idea about the name change but if anyone knows why tell me in the comments.IMG_20180518_231225_496.jpg

The store sells licenced harry potter merchandise and a whole host of other magical bits and bobs. Its decorated from head to toe and really makes you feel like a witch out shopping for a broomstick πŸ˜‚


There were lots of very recognisable sweets from the film, I love the chocolate frogs ! They also had tins and jars with magical descriptions on them. I think if I was a young child who was a harry potter fan coming in here and seeing this all brought to life then it would be a fantastic day out. Im not really a harry potter fan though but I do like fantasy/magic books so I didnt buy anything while I was here but Id highly recommend it to fans and to anyone who have children who are fans. Theres so many other shops in the lane and neighbouring lanes so it would be worth your time to travel here to see it.


A harry potter shop of course would not be complete without a wand cabinet, there was so many styles all with labels. They arent just for display you can buy all of them. Dozens of wands were stacked up just reminiscent of the first movie when harry goes to get his wand !β˜‡


Other trinkets were for sale such as those tealights above in the picture, they had a good fragrance and a harry potter magical style description on each of them. Further back in the shop you can get hogwarts uniforms and things like keyrings, jewellery, mugs etc


Me casting a spell on you ! Wimgardium leviosa πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯β˜‡β˜‡β˜‡β˜‡β˜‡…. if only 😒