The health benefits of adding strawberries to your diet 🌱💋😍🍓

One cup of sliced strawberries provides 163% of your daily dose of vitamin C (more than a whole orange) and 12% Daily Value (DV) of fiber, as well as 9% DV of the B vitamin folate. Its amazing what just one fruit can do for your life ! I hope this inspires you to eat more fruitย in the future.


Strawberriesย are considered one of the healthiest fruits. They are packed with antioxidants, lower blood pressure and protect your heart. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

The anthocyanins boost short termย memoryย by 100 percent in eight weeks. (The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)

Flavonoids โ€” which are responsible for the colour and flavour of strawberries โ€” lower the risk forย heart disease.

The compound nitrate found promotes blood flow and oxygen in our body, which is great forย weight loss.

Strawberries contain anthrocyanin, which is aย powerful antioxidantย that protects us from the damaging effects of our environment, especially the sun. The antioxidant power of the anthrocyanins found in strawberries lasts up to 24 hours after consumption; this makes them a great defence against freeย radical damage.

Photo credit: Asif A. Ali*