First time using Hemp on my hair 😯🔥💋👏 Results +Thoughts

So for a while I have been experimenting with a lot of different hair care products, mainly because I have damaged my hair through too many hair dyes. Especially the bleach when I went blonde a while ago really made my hair like straw. It was not growing anymore and not shiney. Below is a picture where you can see how damaged my hair was from dying it all different colours. I used a lot of hair products to get back the shine at that time. The best products where coconut oil based ones and also oat based shampoo and conditioners.IMG_20180726_210629_038.jpgSo after having highlights and going from blonde to red, then to dark brown then burgandy. I have now settled back down to a really dark brown and I think I will stay that colour for a while. Below is a picture of my hair recently dyed and the results of using faith and nature shampoo and conditioner religiously for months on end. My hair grew so long and I even had it cut a few times. The faith in nature products were incredible I would 100 percent recommend them to anyone who wants growth or condition back in their hair after extreme damage.




So all that aside I want to tell my readers about the first time I used hemp oil on my hair ! Basically it was a hair mask I found by accident while out shopping. I thought I had tried nearly every hair product and oil to improve my damaged hair and it dawned on me I’d never used hemp oil. The mask (see pic above) contains avocado and olive oil and a host of hair nourishing ingredients that work handing hand with the hemp to give you shiney and nourished hair.

The mask was a leave in mask for about 20 mins then you shampoo and condition as normal, I could feel while washing it off that my hair was so so so soft. After blow drying there was a big difference, you could see it was nourished and shiney. Hemp oil has gave me the best results ever, after using so many hair products to try and restore my hair hemp is by far the way to go ! Although I’d also like to add that coconut oil really helped my hair to grow very rapidly.

Brushing my hair πŸ˜πŸ‘…

In the future I will definitely be using hemp based haircare and I hope this post helped you out or gave you some tips for your hair care routine πŸ˜‰