Morphe 25B Palette – what’s good?

Such a good wee review of this palete, had to reblog it πŸ˜€

KS Loves...

β€œYou can create several looks using this palette
without reaching for another.”

The 25B Bronzed Mocha eyeshadow palette from Morphe will cost you $18.00 and that means each shade is less than $1/each (there are 25 shades). The value is phenomenal for what Morphe charges and I think it’s fair to say this is worthΒ Image result for clap emojiΒ yourΒ Image result for clap emojiΒ moneyΒ Image result for clap emojiΒ honey.

We’ve got lid shades, transition colors, six shimmer shades, and a handful of deeper browns/purples to create that smokey look for a night out.

With so many colors in the β€œneutral” range, I will admit they could’ve dropped five shades that look pretty similar to each other. I think it’s slightly pointless to include a double of any eyeshadow color in the same palette – but hey, maybe someone somewhere is using those two shades separately and then what do I know, right?

Back to this palette having enough shades for an…

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