My beauty spot ♡ luxury face oil – Rich in vitamins E & K to hydrate and condition skin – Review 🙃📸😁


Face oils are a big trend in the beauty industry at the moment, I picked up this oil on a shopping trip as it contained coconut oil. As you already know I blogged about coconut oil before and just absolutely love it, anyway there many other facial oils on sale in the shop and I hope to review many more in the future.

The my beauty spot luxury oil contains obviously coconut oil, olive oil, meadowfoam oil, wheat germ oil etc.Β  It also contains vitamin E which has a preservative added which can be slightly harmful to your skin but its very minimal. A lot of beauty creams and beauty products contain preservation indrediants to increase shelf life, they can cause reactions but its very minimal. The only products you wont get nasties in are organic or all completely natrual products that dont need to sit on a shelf. Im not trying to demonise the beauty industry or anything, im just trying to educate my readers. There are preservatives in our food. The world is changing and so is the industries and slowly but surely we will have a toxic free world πŸ˜‰

Anyway rant over… back to the review, apart from the nasty hiccup of the preservative I actually really like this face oil. Meadowfoam oil is incredibly moisturising for your skin, wheatgerm has a host of vitamins that it can deliver to your skin. Olive oil plus coconut added to the mix makes this face oil a super moisturising and conditioning treatment !

Sadly I couldnt find a website for this brand I dont know if they sell anymore but I managed to find a few on sale on amazonΒ