Hemp & Vitamin C Conditioner review + Result Photos 📷💖💋

So I picked another homeandbodyco conditioner after my review of the hemp and castor oil, This time this product contains some of the same ingredients as the last product such as olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter. The only difference is the vitamin C. IMG_20180820_203814_913.jpg

Vitamin C can strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss, you can use a vitamin c hair product or take vitamin C supplements to get the same effects, the thing is Vitamin C can strip your hair dye off and lighten your hair! Apparently Kim kardashian uses vitamin C tablets added to her shampoo to strip off her pink hair dye!

This conditioner won’t strip off your hair dye you need a far higher amount of vitamin C tablets to get that effect! I will be blogging about a vitamin C tablet Hair experiment  in the future so we can see how it works ! My hair definitely feels stronger after just one use of this conditioner, my hair was also super soft as soon as I washed off this conditioner which was a great surprise. After blow drying it was strong, shiny and super soft.


All that coconut oil has been growing my hair like crazy 😂😂😂


Super shiney results, absolutely love it!  😁IMG_20180820_205932_004.jpg

Will do a blog post soon with the vitamin c tablets to see if I can strip back my dark colour a little, as you can see my hair is very dark.

Check out the website of the company that creates this conditioner > www.homeandbodyco.com