Hi,Β I just want to begin with saying how happy I am that you take the time to visit my little blog. I appreciate every one of you and no comment or message goes unnoticed. Connecting with people is what blogging is all about and I am lucky that I get visits from people who are from all different countries and I get to met so many people while having fun blogging! Its my aim to haveΒ GlitzWood listed as one of the top UK lifestyle blogs.

I am a qualified beauty therapist and at the moment I am a trainee makeup artist ! I was inspired to be a makeup artist because I want to make people feel and look beautiful. I have a strong interest in natural and organic beauty/make-up products which one of my best friends converted me too after countless conversations about natural products and the ins and outs ! ( you know who you are )


Glitzwood has also been converted into a small online store selling clothes and jewlerry. Its been a dream of mine since I was about 12 to open a fashion store although I thought it would be an actual walk in store! But its 2018 now and everything’s online, another goal is to have my own designs sold too but I need to work on that more.


My twitter: glitzwoodΒ and insta : glitzwoodΒ 

untitled (19).png


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