Welcome to my Beauty, Fashion & Travel blog! Or you can just call it a lifestyle blog lol. I started blogging because I was amazed at how something as small as a blog post could change someone’s life, and also how much I learned by reading other people’s blogs ! On a less serious note it is also fun, you can create brilliant discussions, review products and get to met new people.


I live in Scotland, I have done a bit of modelling and acting in the past, just now I’m a student and concentrating on studying. Apart from that I like working out, making jewellery and having a laugh with friends 😉

My goals for the future are to do a bit more travelling around  (while I’m young lol) Pursue more acting opportunities and obviously continue with blogging  (maybe vlogging ) Study hard and pass all my tests, then I guess after all that I just want to create a beautiful family and live a healthy lifestyle in a lovely happy home xx

My twitter: glitzwood and insta : glitzwood 

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