10 genius ideas to keep kids busy and well behaved on christmas eve 😂🎄🎉🎁


1. Hide and go seek around the house. This will have them running about and getting tired so they will sleep easy for Christmas 😂 Also they will be silent when they are hiding, and hopefully they will play this for a long time while everyone gets the final preparations finished for the big day.

2. A lot of parents can’t get children to sleep at the end of the night because of them being so energetic. A good way to help them relax is to give them a bath, then a Christmas story. If that fails just tell them the faster they go to sleep the faster morning will come and they can open the presents. Tell them santa only arrives if they sleep. Or do a competition about who goes to sleep first gets an early present ex. As soon as they wake up 😉

3. Some kids can be very naughty before Christmas and act up, tell them that if they behave very well on Christmas Eve they will get a early Christmas present after dinner!  Even sit one present out so it’s motivation for them to be good all day 😂🎁 Even add in after dinner desert such as sweeties and chocolate but ONLY if they are good ALL DAY.

4. Christmas eve boxes. Last year and this year these are a massive trend. You can get personalised ones or even make your own at home with a bit of DIY. Eve boxes are just cute little boxes with things like, colouring books, pens, chocolate, slippers, a dvd etc. Little things to keep the kids entertained on Christmas Eve.  You can even hide your Christmas eve boxes in a difficult place and have been kids hung them out 😉

5. Christmas eve walk in the park to feed the birds/animals. Take along some bread and bird feed and get the kids to place it on trees or throw it to the birds. You can make a big game out of it and get them tired out. Better yet if it’s snowing build a snowman in the garden or park.

6. Bake your own personalised cookies for santa, the elves, the reindeer and your neighbours!  This will keep them going for hours on end. Use icing and cookie cutters to make loads of them, then deliver them to neighbours on your street. Leave our some cookies and milk in certain places for santa to get remember 😉🎄😂

7.  Crafts ! Get some cheap craft kits from eBay and pound land and get the kids to make glittery snowmen and draw santa pictures or build a a Christmas tree with cups and materials. Get plastercine and paint a mug kits. Set out a big table and get the neighbours kids round to join in, let them let off some stream. Do it before giving them a bath though 😂 Nothing like a Craft and painting party for kids !

8. Decorating the Xmas tree 🎄 Simply take down and hide all the baubles and decorations for the Xmas tree around the house, pretend the elves have vandalised it because of bad behaviour and tell them to help redecorate it. Also you can get them to help out around the house doing a few basic chores by saying santas elves are watching them tidy up and putting away thier toys and the elves will mark down good behaviour and bring extra presents.

9. Old fashioned outdoor games in the garden such as skipping ropes and tag. Hullahoops and bouncy balls can have them running about for hours. Be sure to encourage them to compete with each other to run out thier little batteries 😂 Even blow up some simple balloons and get them to play volleyball with it. Tell them the elves are watching how good they are playing with rach other to minimilise fihhting. Make it a rule that it can’t touch the ground. Then dinner and a Christmas movie before bed.

10. Remember the whole point of Christmas eve activities is to tire the kids out or keep them quiet for a while to get some peace. Maybe get your child to do thier favourite activity all day such as dancing or tennis and this will ensure they will go to bed early. Make sure you encourage them to tire themselves out by saying things like ” draw mummy more pictures ” or ” play more hide and seek with your sister you are so good at that game ”

🎉 Merry Christmas 🎉

Potions and possibilities fatigue ease roller ball review 😉😀💋🎉


This little roller ball has been created as a little pick me up with essential oils known to give you a lift, as you know I am mad for essential oils and herbs etc. So I absolutely adore this little product. You can easily have it in your gym bag or in your bag for an outing and use it as a fast pick me up. The fragrance is lovely too. I feel like I did get a little lift after applying to my wrists and use this ball whenever I’m heading out and need lots of energy 💖

Potions and possibilities have a fantastic website where you can see a full range of products  check it out 》 www.potions.co.uk

It’s suitable for all skin types and contains no parabens or SLS.

Instructions for Use: Roll on to pulse points as required.

Warnings: Discontinue use if there is any redness or itching. For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Peel Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Limonene, Citronellol, Linalool, Geraniol, Citral.

Discovering New Dawn Organic Hair and Skin care 😉🌱💕🐰

Before Christmas I was searching the internet and asking for recommendations on twitter for organic hair and skincare shops. On twitter I came across New dawn  and liked what I saw straight away so I put in an order !

As you know I have been talking more about organic products on my blog recently as I have had a change in lifestyle from 2017 going into 2018. If you want to know more about this change then click here.


So I bought a mixture of small shampoos and conditioners to give a try in my favourite fragrances such as lemongrass and tea tree. My bottles are really tiny in the picture but on new dawn you can order all different size bottles 👈 The shampoos double as a body gel wash which is fab! Was looking forward to sharing my haul review on my blog but it had taken me a while to work through and use each product 😂


Then I went and ordered some soaps and natrual deodrants, originally I was only buying haircare but felt tempted as the products on the website looked so professionally made 😁

So now lets get down to the individual reviews and thoughts on each product 😎

Lavendar shampoo and gel wash : This one contains aloe vera oil aswell which surprisingly I couldnt smell all that much, the lavendar fragrance was strong and I enjoyed applying this gel to my body in the shower and taking in the fragrance, when I applied it to my hair as a shampoo I made sure I massaged it right into my scalp and waited ten minutes for it to sink in 😂 I guess I thought the goodness would sink into my hair and body lol ! Then I washed off and used my usual shampoo and conditioner. My hair seemed more fresh after and my scalp definatly felt better after this product 👏👈💫

Lemongrass conditioner : My favourite fragrance in the whole world is lemongrass ❤ so this conditioner was indeed my favourite, it contains aloe and  Coconut Oil too. It went on and sunk into my dry hair like a treat. I concentrated more on the ends of my hair. I finished my usual condioner ( faith in nature coconut) and after i certainly noticed the bottom of my hair was like super super softer than usual and there was a fab shine 😍

Lemongrass soap : This was a luxurious little soap to use, the fragrance was stronger than i imagined and it had me sqeaky clean. I liked it so much I used it 4 days in a row 😂 It says on the packaging that I can use it on my scalp but it just seemed strange rubbing a soap bar on my head 😂

Benchmark thyme shampoo and gel wash : Again wasnt disapoimtimg by the fragrance, the thyme was lovely to smell. I used this on my hair and body, I used this shampoo another time and mixed it in with my coconut shampoo and the smell was stunning. Thyme is known to be goid for scalp health and thinning hair !

Lemongrass and lime cream deo :

I found this to be an effective deodrant. The lemon grass and lime fragrance compliment each other so well and applying the deo is so easy and is not oily or patchy. The cream absorbed so well and its does its job for a few hours. It handy enough to carry if your having a night out etc.

“An extremely effective blend of botanic & mineral ingredients this cream neutralises odour and discourages excessive moisture while nourishing underarm skin. Made with our antibacterial and antifungal formula, it is fast absorbing, non-greasy and ideal for sensitive skin under arms and for feet also.” – new dawn skincare

Lemongrass shampoo and gel wash : enjoyed using this product all over my body in the shower. My skin felt really clean and soft. My hair also felt soft after drying it and brushing it through, apparently lemongrass can strengthen your hair follicles and reduce oily hair and give an added shine. Id say i saw proof of the added shine after using this product and I also got a shine from using the lemongrass conditioner. Im definatly won over and thinking of putting in an order for a larger bottles of the shampoo and conditioner ❤

Tea tree soap : This soap had a very strong fragrance and had ne feeling so fresh. Tea tree is a powerfull oil and can really help psoriasis and eczema sufferers so this is the soap for you if you have these conditions. Tea tree gets rid of infections in the skin.

Rose geranium deo : This little product I adore as I like rose geranium oil as it has so many good benefits to being in your body :

  • Antimicrobial – An immunity booster, this essential oil strengthens the body’s defensive cells to help it deal with toxic challenges both internally and externally.

Geranium oil has the power to fight nerve pain when it’s applied to the skin. Developing research suggests that applying rose geranium oil to the skin can significantly reduce pain ❤

Geranium oil is a circulatory oil, which means that it exits the body through perspiration, so you will smell so lovely when you sweat. The fact you can get so many health benefits from applying new dawn rose geranium deo is just fabulous 👏

Patchouli deo : This was just an impulse buy because I had never used patchouli before or even heard of it !

The health benefits of patchouli essential oil can be attributed to its properties as an antidepressant, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, astringent, cicatrizant, cytophylactic, deodorant, diuretic, febrifuge, fungicide, insecticide, sedative, and a tonic substance. Fromorganicfacts.net 

The fragrance is alright, very sweet but not as attractive as lemongrass or the rose geranium.

Patchouli soap : Again not so mad about the fragrance but the benefits of the oils seeping in your system are amazing. New dawn have good feedback with this being used for scars, wrinkles and acne.  Apparently patchouli oil can ignite a strong sexual urge in some people 😂😜