Secret hair curling tips you need to know!

Women with big curls or glamorous waves are gorgeous and sexy. Big curls accent the face shape. Curly hairs that fall into ringlets are gorgeous and women with curly hair can get spotted easily in the crowd. Who already have curly tresses will spend less time on fixing hair than others. If you have straight hair and want an instant curl on hair, there are several secret tips you may follow. The most effective way to have curly hairs is using hot rollers. The outcome of curling your hair will depend on how you will prepare your tresses and how you will use the hot rollers.

The size of hot rollers can give a different outcome. For example, small hot rollers are used to have tight curls and large rollers provide loose waves. Just remember that if you want to add volume to your short hair, you need tighter curls. Since your hair needs enough protection from the heat, you can wash your hair using good quality shampoo and a small amount of conditioner. In the end, you can use some moisturizing mousse so your curls will last longer. If it is hard to curl hair, then wash your hair the day before you will use hot rollers on it.

Here are some useful tips about how to use the hot rollers to achieve the curls that you want.

1. Divide your hair into sections.

If you prefer tight and defined curls, you should divide the hair into smaller parts and you can use clips to prepare your hair. One-inch sections are enough to provide the best result because smaller sections will provide more defined curls and it will look much better. Depending on the size of your rollers, you may experiment with different hairstyles.

2. Preparing the hot rollers. It is important that you know how many rollers you will need, because some hot rollers heat up fast, some may heat up slower. Prepare and heat up only the number of rollers you need, then you can roll your hair on it once it is set. You will need clips as well, because you need it to clamp the hair into the roller to secure it. Make sure that you know where to hold the roller, in case it gets too hot.

3. Rolling the Hot Rollers.

The best way to go when dividing and putting the rollers is top to bottom, because in this way, you can prevent your hair from being tangled and you will not get confused. It is important that you roll everything on it that includes the tips, to achieve a nice curl. Take extra precaution in handling the rollers.

4. Let the hot rollers cool down.

Remove hot rollers only when it cools down completely and never brush your hair while it is still hot. Waiting for some time will help to achieve the curls that you want and curls will last longer. If you have rollers that heat up fast, then you can save more time. To make the curls last longer, you can spray some hairspray while the rollers are still on your hair. When you are removing the rollers, remove the clip first and then slowly take out the roller without putting pressure that can cause damage.

5. Set your curls.

Do not be surprise if after removing the rollers, your hair will look shorter than it was before. Loosen the curls using your fingers, and style it the way you want. You can put some anti-frizz serum and spread out evenly. You should focus on the ends of your hair, because this is the part that frizzes easily.


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Experts tips on getting a good night sleep

*Daytime habits and Practices*

sleeping tips

Good sleep hygiene begins the moment you wake up. Developing positive daily routines will pave the way for regular good quality sleep for you and your child. The experts at Natural Mat have put together their top tips on getting a good night’s sleep.

Exercise during the day

Excess energy can cause restlessness at night. So daily exercise will help you use up excess energy.

Also, exercise promotes blochemicals such as endorphins, endocannabinolds and neurotransmitters, all of which can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Other benefits of regular exercise include more confidence, a distraction from worries and an improvement of overall health.

Expose yourself to sunlight

Make sure you get enough sunlight during the day. This promotes higher levels of melatonin which is essential; for maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm. Its important that your baby

Sunlight can also help you get more Vitamin D. Some studies suggest that Vitamin D has a positive influence on sleep.

Don’t take long naps during the day

There are differing opinions about day – napping. However, the general advice is to avoid it altogether because it can disrupt your circadian rhythm. However, if you do nap during the day, make it no longer than 20 minutes.

Stay out of the bedroom

Get out of bed and stay out. The idea is to associate your bedroom with sleep and sex only. So if you work from home, don’t have your office or work space in the bedroom.

Develop a healthy, balanced diet

The right foods contain compounds that promote sleep. So good nutrition is an essential part of sleep hygiene.

Tip: Eat protein foods high in tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes melatonin. Pumpkin seeds, chicken, cheese, nuts, lentils, oats, beans and effs are considered high tryptophan foods.

Have an afternoon cut-off point for caffeine

As you probably know, caffeine is a stimulant. If you’re a regular coffee-head be disciplined and stop drinking tea and coffee early on in the day. Better still, give up.

But do so gradually as caffeine can be addictive and can produce withdrawal symptoms.

In the hours leading up to bedtime

This is an important time. The body need stop wind down and get prepared for sleep.

Avoid deep or emotionally upsetting discussions

This can fill your mind with all kinds of thoughts that will keep you awake. Be disciplined. If a loved one is being insistent, politely remind them that this isn’t the best time.

Or anything else that’s stimulating such as mobile phones. The blue light from these devices inhibits the development of melatonin and makes it harder for you to fall asleep.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine

Caffeine and nicotine are both stimulants – avoid them at all costs. If you haven’t managed to establish a cut-off point for your caffeine intake, ideally at least 3 hours before sleep.

Establish healthy bedtime rituals

· A warm bath at set times

· Practice mindfulness techniques such as meditation

· Light Reading

· Gentle Yoga and Pilates

Sleep Environment

Many modern-day bedrooms are actually unsuitable for good – quality sleep. Research shows that improving your sleep environment can vastly improve our chances of getting a good night’s rest.

Quite, dark and cool

Darkness helps your body get the most out of sleep. Getting rid of noises and keeping the temperature cool will make you more comfortable. If you live in a noisy, light-polluted area try:

· Thicker curtains

· Earplugs

· An eye mask

Go to bed naked

Evidence suggests that going to bed naked improves your quality of sleep. It helps your body regulate its temperature, meaning your sleep will not be disturbed by being too hurt.

Get rid of electronics

Now that you’ve conditioned yourself to associate the bedroom with sleep and sex, it’s time to ask: do I really need all this gadgetry in here? Keeping your bedroom clear of this stuff will help reinforce the associations will keep you out of temptations way.

Do not take your problems to bed

This is about creating a good inner environment. When you go to bed, leave your problems at the door. Whatever inner conflicts you have, make a truce and establish peacetime. This will help you sleep better. You can always pick up the ‘mental fight’ the next day.

Spend 10-15 mins each day writing down your worries and how you are going to deal with them. If worrisome thoughts enter your mind just as you are going to bed, you can remind yourself that you are dealing with the issues.

Comfortable Bedding

Good quality bedding is essential for a good night’s sleep. Being comfortable helps you relax. This in turn helps you nod off.

There are different factors to look out for when choosing the right bedding. Here are the most important:

· Breathable: A well – ventilated mattress keeps you more comfortable by allowing body heat to escape.

· Hypo – Allergenic: Allergies can keep you awake at night. If you are allergic to common fibres, it’s important you choose bedding with anti-allergy protection.

· Anti-dust mites: Products that prevent dust mites from colonising your bed are available on the market. Worth considering since the little critters can irritate your skin and disrupt your sleep.

Trying to sleep

Most of us have been there at some point: We’re in bed and yet we cannot switch off. This can be especially frustrating when we have important events the next day.

Do not clock watch

Naturally, as you lie there trying to sleep, you will worry about time. However, don’t do it. Watching the clock will just cause more anxiety and make it harder for you to drift off.

Do not try and force yourself to sleep

It will have the reverse effect. Instead, conjure up pleasant scenes in your mind’s eye and forget about falling asleep.

Worrying only makes it worse

Just resign yourself to the idea that it’s already late and there is nothing you can do about it. You will be surprised how this will lift the load and help you relax.


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5 ways to fake that holiday glow

Let’s face it, I think we’d all prefer to be sunning ourselves somewhere tropical, cocktail in one hand, book in the other, but with so many of us strapped for cash, busy with work or with non-negotiable family plans, it’s hard to find the time for that getaway!

holiday glow

You may not get that week away in the tropics, but you can sure enough trick people into thinking you’ve been away, the experts at Ellipse Beauty UK have put together 5 simple and easy hacks to fake that holiday glow.

1) Fake bake it

Probably the easiest way to fake that holiday glow is by investing in a decent face and body tan, ideally a gradual tanner as this will give you a more natural glow without the orange tinge or tiger streaks. It’s also recommended to purchase a separate face tanner, as these are tailor made for the delicate skin on your face so wont clog your pores or make you look cakey, perhaps opt for one with a little shimmer in for that added glow.

2) Drink up

It’s no secret that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the simplest and cheapest way to keep    your skin hydrated and looking fresh, however managing to drink this much can prove difficult when you lead such a busy life. Try keeping a reusable water bottle by your desk so you remember to top up each day and you will have a glowing complexion in no time.

3) Facial Sprays

Hydrating facial sprays are perfect for busy woman who need to top up their skin hydration levels on the go. A quick spritz all over the face and neck instantly gives you a glowing complexion, eliminates that tight feeling and allows your skin to breathe.

4) Bronze goddess

It’s time to invest in a really good cream bronzer, using a cream texture rather than a powder will make your skin look so much more natural and won’t leave you looking cakey. Contour it over the darker areas of your face to give your complexion a deeper glow as well as shaping your facial contours.

5) Add a dash of Lemon

It’s a bit of an old school trick, but if you’re a natural blonde, squeezing lemon juice all over your hair will naturally bleach it blonde, so If you can’t afford highlights, this is the perfect way to give your hair a blonde boost and allow it to look as if it’s caught the sun.

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