Secret hair curling tips you need to know!

Women with big curls or glamorous waves are gorgeous and sexy. Big curls accent the face shape. Curly hairs that fall into ringlets are gorgeous and women with curly hair can get spotted easily in the crowd. Who already have curly tresses will spend less time on fixing hair than others. If you have straight hair and want an instant curl on hair, there are several secret tips you may follow. The most effective way to have curly hairs is using hot rollers. The outcome of curling your hair will depend on how you will prepare your tresses and how you will use the hot rollers.

The size of hot rollers can give a different outcome. For example, small hot rollers are used to have tight curls and large rollers provide loose waves. Just remember that if you want to add volume to your short hair, you need tighter curls. Since your hair needs enough protection from the heat, you can wash your hair using good quality shampoo and a small amount of conditioner. In the end, you can use some moisturizing mousse so your curls will last longer. If it is hard to curl hair, then wash your hair the day before you will use hot rollers on it.

Here are some useful tips about how to use the hot rollers to achieve the curls that you want.

1. Divide your hair into sections.

If you prefer tight and defined curls, you should divide the hair into smaller parts and you can use clips to prepare your hair. One-inch sections are enough to provide the best result because smaller sections will provide more defined curls and it will look much better. Depending on the size of your rollers, you may experiment with different hairstyles.

2. Preparing the hot rollers. It is important that you know how many rollers you will need, because some hot rollers heat up fast, some may heat up slower. Prepare and heat up only the number of rollers you need, then you can roll your hair on it once it is set. You will need clips as well, because you need it to clamp the hair into the roller to secure it. Make sure that you know where to hold the roller, in case it gets too hot.

3. Rolling the Hot Rollers.

The best way to go when dividing and putting the rollers is top to bottom, because in this way, you can prevent your hair from being tangled and you will not get confused. It is important that you roll everything on it that includes the tips, to achieve a nice curl. Take extra precaution in handling the rollers.

4. Let the hot rollers cool down.

Remove hot rollers only when it cools down completely and never brush your hair while it is still hot. Waiting for some time will help to achieve the curls that you want and curls will last longer. If you have rollers that heat up fast, then you can save more time. To make the curls last longer, you can spray some hairspray while the rollers are still on your hair. When you are removing the rollers, remove the clip first and then slowly take out the roller without putting pressure that can cause damage.

5. Set your curls.

Do not be surprise if after removing the rollers, your hair will look shorter than it was before. Loosen the curls using your fingers, and style it the way you want. You can put some anti-frizz serum and spread out evenly. You should focus on the ends of your hair, because this is the part that frizzes easily.


*Guest post by reviewsbee.comΒ 


Structure hair oil review + results pics !


Glitz wood was sent a hair product to try out ! smooths hock by structure hair. Didn’t really know what to expect because I’m totally new to the brand and I have been through a lot of hair products with having such long curly hair 😁

Smoothshoock is different to other hair oils I have tried because although it’s considered a nourishing oil product it comes along as foam which in my opinion is easily applied.


As you can see from the picture above the results are fantastic, smoothshock really is a hair product that lives up to what it says it does 😁 I was so impressed with the shine and softness of my hair after using this foam. There was also a wonderful effect of no frizz after I blow dried my hair. If you use smoothshock when your hair is damp before you blow dry you will feel a different in texture and your hair will be straighter, non frizzy and soft !

To get the look I had in the pictures I did use straightners after the blow dry but I had used smoothshock three times prior to this without using straightners and my hair was still more straight than usual. So it’s up to you how you would style your hair using this product, I know it’s called smoothshock food a reason but the fabulous effects can be used along with curling your hair or whatever you desired πŸ˜‰


This product works 100 percent, as you can see the pictures don’t lie ☺

The only bone I need to pick with this product is that it didn’t specify how long you were to wait after applying the foam, I found that letting my damp hair sit for 5 minutes or so gave the best results !


* This produced was gifted to glitz wood for a review

Rainbow room international Dyson launch night

Rainbow room international is the only salon in Scotland to be selected to work with the new revolutionary Dyson hairdryer, each of their twelve salons have been kitted out with a Dyson supersonic at each Stylist station.

The award winning rainbow room team held an exclusive event in the Glasgow city center academy salon. Inviting local fashion and beauty bloggers/press to enjoy a Dyson experience on the house.


It was a fabulous evening with fizz and cupcakes, I really loved my cute Dyson cupcake! so cute πŸŒŸπŸ’• I was taken over to the sink straight away and received a lovely head massage. We got started right away, prior to this night I’d never even saw a Dyson hairdryer.


So I had a blow dry done with the Dyson supersonic no cuts or colour ! Afterwards my colour looks different but it was just the way the Stylist curled it when she was finalist. My Stylist was so nice to talk to, she explained how to Dyson hairdryer worked and all the benefits etc.


The Dyson was so silent we could overhear everyone’s conversations in the salon πŸ˜―πŸ˜‰Β Also it didn’t seem to get too hot, sometimes when I visit a hairdresser I find it to warm so this was definitely a bonus.


Yes I’m aware I wore a little to much eye makeup that night πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€ As I was one of the first to artive, my Stylist had nearly done my hair while everyone else was still going. Beforehand I was asked what style I’d like my hair so I asked for straight at top with wavy curls at bottom. Once the others saw they all started copying my Stylist and me and coming over and saying how wonderful my hair looked πŸ˜€ The thing is I knew it looked really good, my Stylist done a fantastic job. So thank you πŸ’•πŸŒŸ

Above pictures: me posing and then at the right me holding the Dyson supersonic, was just curious as to how it felt to hold. It does feel so different to the usual hairdryers πŸ˜• so I think it would take a while to get to grips with it.

The big picture above I toke before I went along and the three bottom ones are after I came home! See the colour and quality of the shine. Beforehand my hair looked dark dull and lifeless 😒

Overall I was so elated with the results from the Dyson hairdryer and my experience at the salon 😁 The Dyson hairdryer is defiantly the future 🌟

* I received a complimentary experience at the salon in order to give my honest opinion on the Dyson hairdryer


Elvive _ nutrigloss luminiser shampoo and conditioner + extraordinary gloss oil review

This shampoo and condition claims to give your dull hair an instant shine, fluid touch and sealed in gloss ! Wooooo! Just what us girls wanty wanty πŸ’–IMG_20170303_230628_457.jpg

As well as the shampoo and conditioner I got the matching miracle shine booster oil because it all came under 10 pound in superdrug with a deal. Also won superdrug beauty card points at the till ! Every little helps 😎

So anyway getting the long story short the shampoo was so gentle and easy to use and apply along with the conditioner, it didn’t cause any itching during or after use. My hair was soft. The softest it has felt in years but the shine was not so impressive but still it was there !

The first time round using them I didn’t apply the third product, the hair oil. So when I finally got round to using it I found it to be really affecting in giving my hair more of a shine. You only need a small amount of the miracle shine booster to see results. It’s also perfumed which you can smell straight away. The perfume only subtly stays on your hair through the the day but still it’s a great touch to the product to make it more exciting.

The miracle shine booster is a versatile use which means you can apply to wet or dry hair. I haven’t got round to adding it on my hair when it’s dry yet so if any of my readers have please feel free to post in the comments section ☺

Elvive extraordinary oil serum -review

The extraordinary oil range was one I wanted to try out after my hair was damaged from hairdye. Other products didn’t work and I searched beauty blogs and found rave reviews about the extraordinary oil range. It was so attractively marketed, the idea of natrual flower oils was impressive. So I bought the shampoo, conditioner and the oil serum.


They certainly all did what they say on the packaging, my hair was silky, smooth and soft. My hair was better than ever. Then something bad happened, I’m allergic to an oil contained in the ingredients and my hair itched off me so bad!πŸ˜”πŸ™πŸ˜’ Such a shame as the results were amazing. To anyone who is not allergic to anything in this product is would recommend it highly. Always check the label 😁

I still manage to use the serum by applying a small amount to my ends when hair is damp. It’s pretty straightforward to use. I’d like the explore Elvives other serums in the future ☺

Stay tuned on my blog as I will be posting about day hair serums in future xx

The ridiculous coca cola hair rinse craze and a trichologists expert advice

The coca cola hair rinse craze is ridiculous, if you want beach hair just use hair products and nowadays you can get caffeine shampoo! I`m not sure how this coca cola thing got started but I guess its best just to drink and use as a cleaning product. A you tuber remarked on one of these videos saying that they thought this was bad as coca cola can remove stains and is acidic so imagine what damage it can do to your hair.

Fail or holy grail, FAIL!

Glenn Lyons, ( HAIR EXPERT ) Trichologist:

The ingredients in Coca-Cola make it more acidic in its solution. The acidity within the liquid has the potential to swell the hair and the high sugar content will leave it quite sticky, this combination can potentially help to give the hair more volume and give the illusion of more body, much like beer does, or any soft drink. But, and this point is most important, so there are absolutely no cleansing benefits for the scalp and hair whatsoever. It really isn’t healthy for the scalp at all.

Its time to get lippy in the comment section, Have you tried the coca cola rinse if so what happened ?