Structure hair oil review + results pics !


Glitz wood was sent a hair product to try out ! smooths hock by structure hair. Didn’t really know what to expect because I’m totally new to the brand and I have been through a lot of hair products with having such long curly hair 😁

Smoothshoock is different to other hair oils I have tried because although it’s considered a nourishing oil product it comes along as foam which in my opinion is easily applied.


As you can see from the picture above the results are fantastic, smoothshock really is a hair product that lives up to what it says it does 😁 I was so impressed with the shine and softness of my hair after using this foam. There was also a wonderful effect of no frizz after I blow dried my hair. If you use smoothshock when your hair is damp before you blow dry you will feel a different in texture and your hair will be straighter, non frizzy and soft !

To get the look I had in the pictures I did use straightners after the blow dry but I had used smoothshock three times prior to this without using straightners and my hair was still more straight than usual. So it’s up to you how you would style your hair using this product, I know it’s called smoothshock food a reason but the fabulous effects can be used along with curling your hair or whatever you desired 😉


This product works 100 percent, as you can see the pictures don’t lie ☺

The only bone I need to pick with this product is that it didn’t specify how long you were to wait after applying the foam, I found that letting my damp hair sit for 5 minutes or so gave the best results !


* This produced was gifted to glitz wood for a review


Wabiskincare – coffee and sweet orange body scrub review

Wabi, ethical coffee based skincare brand. Good for you and the environment, Wabi work with local speciality coffee roasters then combines this with fair trade oils and butters to create fantastic products.

The body scrubs come in two themes sweet orange and coffee and mocha and peppermint. I was gifted the sweet orange coffee scrub to review for my readers!20170729_122856.jpg

I am a massive supporter of environmentally friendly products and natural based beauty care, Wabi don’t contain microbeads, palm oil, chemicals etc. What they do include are organic ingredients, biodegradable exfoliaters and luxurious oils ! it’s a winner 😉

First off the fragrance from the scrub is lovely, the texture is nice and you can feel your dead skin being exfoliated away while you rub yourself down with the mixture. It also felt very friendly on my skin, no redness 😊

Your skin is exfoliated and soft after use and the oils in the scrub work so perfectly together to hydrate your skin, making it look shiny and soft. A small amount of the scrub goes a long way and the jar would last months it’s a perfect body scrub and I would highly recommend this product to you. If you would like to try wabi skincare you can use code : WABIBEAUTYBLOGGER for 20 percent off any order 😉

* Gifted product for review

Cold pressed moringa oil from wikaniko- review


Moringa oil has anti aging properties, apparently it’s good for acne, wrinkles and blemishes etc ! Sounds great. So glitzwood has been given some moringa oil by to try and show to readers.

Doing some research I found these interesting things about the oil :

Can help clear blackheads.

It has vitamin c that helps stabilise collagen and reduces fine lines and repair damaged skin cells.

The antioxidants in the oil help fight free radical damage that can damage your skin.

It’s also good for dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

It has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties and can help heal minor cuts, insect bites, sunburn, bruises and burns.

Recently I had an accident and burned my arm so I decided to try the moringa on my burn to see if the claim is true.


That picture is a 2 day old burn and I haven’t applied the moringa oil yet. Will post update pictures as it heals. I thought once it heals I would be stuck with a definite scare but let’s see if wikanikos moringa oil can save the day as it claims 😎


Updates coming soon xx




Wikaniko also sells natrual haircare products, candles, coconut oil and loads more. They do not test on animals, and and also they double check anything that they get from suppliers. They are against animal testing.

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